Our Philosophy

At Strike One we┬árealize that every student that walks through our doors is built a little differently (physically, mentally and emotionally), therefore it’s extremely important to be able to tailor our instruction to the student’s make-up to get the best out of that athlete. We teach to the individual and set a baseline for each student based on their first lesson which in turn allows the instructor to plan the course of instruction. It’s extremely important for the student to understand their own strengths and weaknesses, along with understanding their own style. Therefore, in order to teach to the individual we do not teach a specific “style”, but we teach the “absolutes” and base instruction off them.

We feel strongly in our teaching philosophy and believe that providing a positive and fun atmosphere aides in the learning process, while also building self-esteem and a strong positive attitude. Teaching the game is our business and it’s a business we take very seriously. We understand and accept the responsibility of teaching the game the right way and helping the advanced, elite player fulfill their dreams; while taking the youth player and teaching them the basics to build confidence while passing on the passion for the game we love!!!

At Strike One we firmly believe that video breakdown is a huge part of the development process. We make is a point to break down each player in slo motion so they can physically see the flaws in their mechanics. For more info on how to get enrolled at Strike One Baseball Academy feel free to contact us at strikeonebaseballacademy@gmail.com or call us at 805-551-4613

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